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'Help Your Club' is an ingenius idea and we are very happy to partner with them.

It's simple... Thinking of changing energy supplier or know someone who does? then don't miss out on your chance to also help your favourite sports club!


Here's how you can change supplier to the up to date best priced tariff,

and at the same time earn £30 for your club.

Check out their video here.


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'But don't just take our word for it, This is what their CEO has to say..


After supporting three sons through various sports ,the costs involved for families and the clubs is not lost on me .

Having worked in the energy sector since deregulation over 20 years , the idea to combine

the two and help with these costs on a club to club basis has finally come to fruition. gives every member or supporter the opportunity to use our face to face, telephone or web based platform to compare their energy costs and find a new supplier.

This can help not only their own pocket but can also help their club.

For every person who does this we will make a payment to your club up to £30

depending on the type of payment method.

We will review again later in the year and if we can find you a substantial saving we will repeat the process and pay the club again !

This means you stay on a good rate and the club receives further payments . WIN , WIN situation" .

Help Your Club are important to sport commerce, as they aid in keeping football alive and well with their donations each time somebody uses their services... It is a wonderful initiative!